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An online mechanism used to reverse a string or any text you like is the Backward Text Generator. It is a free web-based service that can be used to reverse any text that you want. All you have to do is insert the text or string that you want to reverse in the blank box, and then press the reverse text button.

Backward Text Generator

Backward Text Generator

Backward text is created by writing in the direction in which the reverse of the natural way is for a given language, so the effect is the mirror image of normal writing. When mirrored in a mirror, it appears natural. Often, it is used as a code that is highly primitive.

Mirrored text may be handwritten by certain individuals. Leonardo da Vinci wrote much of his personal notes in this manner, in particular. The calligraphy of mirror writing was common in the Ottoman Empire, where mystical comparisons were often carried out.

On the ambulance front, a typical modern usage of mirror writing can be seen where the word “AMBULANCE” is always written in the very broad mirrored text so that drivers can see the word the correct way around in their rear-view mirror.

History of Backward Text Generator

Anything modern is not mirroring writing or backward writing. Some notable writers, painters, and calligraphers have used it to make amazing artwork.

Mirror writing calligraphy was popular among the Bektashi order in the Ottoman Empire during the 18th and 19th centuries, where it also carried mystic associations. The origins of this practice of mirror writing can be traced back to pre-Islamic times in rock inscriptions on the western Arab peninsula.

In the early 17th century, Matteo Zaccolini published his original four-volume treatise on optics, color and perspective in a mirror script.

How to Use Backward Text Generator

Right now, you might have some nervousness in your mind about the complexities you’d face when using this online facility. So, as there are no such intricacies linked to this method, we have you covered, as you can easily reverse your text by following these simple steps.

  1. Paste your text in the provided box, first of all. You can also upload your text file directly by pressing the “Upload” button on this Reverse Text Generator.
  2. Choose the feature that you want to add to your text once you’re finished uploading it. This online facility allows you to reverse the entire text or wording, convert the lettering of the word, flip text, or alter the text’s path.
  3. Click on the ‘Reverse Text’ button after making your choices.
  4. Soon you will get your desired reversed text within a matter of seconds.

Uses of Backward Text Generator

On the front of the ambulance, which is written in the backward text like ECNALUBMA, a simple example of the Reverse Text can be found so that the vehicles in their front mirror can see the word correctly and provide the ambulance with a route.

Encoding Data

With the advent of digital media and technology, data encoding and encryption have always been the top priority for businesses. There are some privacy problems for giant tech companies and they guarantee 100 percent protection of their data.

The Backward Text Generator enables strong passwords to be created by users. Typically, hackers crack weak passwords; the backward text generator helps you to create strong passwords to ensure 100% data protection.

In addition to data encoding using the Backward Text Generator, database and web engineering applications often allow you to store your passwords and other confidential information in an encrypted form in the database, such as credit numbers.

The Backward Text Generator also has text-transformation applications, a method that changes the text’s meaning. Some of the basic examples are applications for speech recognition, word prediction software, spelling checker, and others.

Encoding Data

Fun Games

Today, kids and teens are deeply addicted to enjoyable games. By playing games, Reverse Text Generator helps people to improve their knowledge of the English language.

In addition, most people still use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram reverse text just to make fun of it.

Mirror Writing

Mirror Writing Ambulance

When you see an ambulance on the street, you will probably find that the word ‘AMBULANCE’ is pronounced backward, like “ECNALUBMA.”

The primary explanation for this is the readability of the terminology for drivers when they see an ambulance behind their cars.

reverse text on ambulance

Features of Backward Text Generator

A wealth of backward text generator tools can be found on the internet, but only a few of them can give you the result you are looking for. This reverse text online utility is able to produce the best performance and becomes your permanent option for reversing a text. The following characteristics of this online backward text generator will definitely enable you to understate its importance.

Instant outcomes

As you would have to do when using other online services, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your results. After you have entered your text on this backward text generator, within a flash of an eye you can get your desired results.


If you think you will have to pay to use this reverse online word facility, then it’s not true. The reverse text facility is absolutely free to use and has no trial period at all.

No Installation is Mandatory

Many online tools prevent users from installing desktop software on their computers to allow use of free services. But, there are no such drawbacks to the tool available on this site, as you can use this backward text generator without downloading software on your computer.

Supports any platform

To get assistance from this online word reverser utility, you are not expected to have a specific computer or operating system. This backward text generator works on all computers and OS exquisitely well.

Privacy of data

Data security is a vital factor that, when using any online utility, remains on people’s nerves. But, since this online backward text generator provides you with a safe facility to reverse a text, you do not need to get nervous anymore. As soon as the processing is over, the data you can upload to this reverse text tool will be erased from our databases.

Online Backward Text Generator

The internet is full of online utilities that can allow you to quickly reverse your text, but second to none is the facility available on our website. Not only does this backward text generator provide you with the ability to reverse your text, but it also helps you to flip or rotate up or down your text.

The manual method of reversing a text takes enormous time and effort, but with a few taps on your computer, this online facility helps you to turn the text in various directions.

From time immemorial, the backward text has always been used as code. One can see the codes drawn on Egypt’s pyramids. At the time of the Pharaohs, the principle of encoding and decoding still existed. The real notion concealed behind the reverse text is to relay an essential meaning to another person that a layman does not comprehend.

Top Listed Tools of Backward Text Generator

So let’s get into it to learn about websites that will help you to reverse it, without wasting more time.

Let’s start with the backward text order of one of the easiest resources on the web.

Order Reverse Line

Browser Ling’s Reverse Line Order is an easy to use website that can be used to reverse text online. All you have to do is paste your text into the text box and press the Reverse Lines button.

The text structure of the text you have given will be instantly reversed. Right before copying the Undo option, click on the Copy to Clipboard option and the reverse list can be used anywhere.

This is a text reverser tool explicitly built and allows you to do exactly that. Apart from it, it’s free to download from anywhere in the world and there’s no fee.

Reverse Generator for Text

Data Mechanic’s Reverse Text Generator is a multi-performance text program that can be used to reverse the order of text. In the text box, type or paste the text that you would like to list in reverse.

Click the Reverse Wording button to reverse text order. The reverse text will be attached to the same text box you entered with the text. To use it, just copy the text.

You can also load a text file from your PC to reverse list it, as well as save a text folder in .txt format as a reverse list.

There are also numerous tools available, apart from the feature to reverse text on the website. In order to flip words, reverse text, reverse sentences, undo word letters, and even build letters upside down, it is also possible to use it.


Prepostseo is a very impressive generator of reverse resources. At a very fast pace, it can quickly reverse text. The Prepostseo website is super user-friendly and three of the best services can be provided:

Reverse the text, reverse the wording and reverse the lettering of each word. The text can be picked and the text can be translated according to the top three providers.

It is really easy to access the website and you can share it with your friends. This website is available in two languages: Spanish and English.

Sort My List

Sort My List provides you with numerous options for processing your email, along with other reverse text order features.

Due to its flexibility, this tool is fine. Let’s verify the way the text order can be reversed. You can paste a text here or just open a TXT file. It’s possible your text will be reversed immediately. The text can be copied into your clipboard.

You’ll come across some different tools to change your own text if you take a look at the application. The toolbox buttons will allow you to modify or remove text separators.

You can order the list alphabetically or numerically, change the case, substitute text, mirror objects, text products, inverse text, and do a lot more here as well. This is the most versatile text reversal method available in this text so far.

backward text tools

Fact Related to Backward Text Generator

In what people call the mirror writing style, Leonardo Da Vinci wrote backwards. Mirror writing is where the letters are not just in reverse order, so you need to read them backwards, but each letter’s orientation is also altered.

Mirror writing can quickly be deciphered in a mirror by looking at it. If you see the word written on a car in your rear-view mirror, it’s close to the way the word ambulance becomes legible.

It is believed that Da Vinci wrote in reverse not to shield his written thoughts from individuals as there are much better ways for him to encrypt the work, but to prevent his notes from being smudged.

Right now, the key idea is that, as a lefty, Da Vinci thought the most successful way to prevent smearing his notes was to type backwards. Also, it made him look cool and he didn’t want to look cool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you type a letter with a mirrored one?

Write a word, sentence, or paragraph in reverse of mirror writing, as if the text appears in a mirror. You may use reference material, such as an alphabetical map, reverse text generators, or practice sentences, while learning how to mirror writing. Until you learn the technique, practice as much as you can.

What words do backwards render words?

Generally speaking, it represents a word which, when spelled backward, reads as another word. You know, the word palindrome spelled backward is Emordnilap! A palindrome is a word or expression that reads the same whether you spell it forward or backward: there are several examples of “kayak,” “madam,” “racecar,” and “refer”

Do left-handers write backwards?

For a long time, the reason why mirror writing is normally done with the left hand was due to abdicative arm movements being commonly considered simpler and better synchronized than adductive movements; thus, left-hand writing was considered to be the left-natural hander’s direction of writing.


We addressed the Backward Text Generator in depth and suggested the best reverse text generator method for you as well. Using this method is recommended as it is built using advanced techniques. In addition, in order to further improve your performance, you can also use the other instruments listed above.