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Add text to images gives you the chance to be a little imaginative, or to add guidance or clarification. We’re going to spend time learning how to add text to your photos in this post, as well as the various choices that you have when you add text.

Add text to image

Adding text to pictures

  1. Create a new post or Instagram story later on the internet, or open a scheduled post or story.
  2. On your picture, click Change.
  3. To open the text editor, select Text.
  4. To add text to your picture, click Add Text.
  5. For your text, choose the font, format, color, and highlight.
  6. Type your picture into something.

Enter the Text

You may opt to add horizontal text, text that goes across the image or vertical text that goes from top to bottom when you enter text into an image.

  1. You use the Text Tool to add text. It’s in the Tools row
  2. By default, the Horizontal Text tool is shown.
  3. Go to the Tool Options panel to use the Vertical Text tool, and then press the Vertical Text tool.
  4. For the time being, let’s work with the Horizontal Text tool
  5. Click on the location in the picture where you want to insert the text to create a line of text in your image.
  6. You’re going to see a blinking cursor and a green checkmark box with a red circle in it.
  7. Simply begin typing. Your picture will display the document.
  8. When you’re done entering and formatting the text, press the green checkmark. In this post, we’ll talk about formatting later.
  9. The text you add is displayed on its own layer when you add text to an image.

Make Text Boxes for Text

To enter text, you can also build a text box. Simply drag a rectangle across the screen where you want the paragraph to go if you want to construct a paragraph of text. This will produce a box of texts.

  1. Now, to start typing, simply click inside the text box.
  2. When you’re done entering and formatting the text, press the green checkmark.

Text Formatting

Text formatting is as simple as going to the Tool Options panel and using the standard tools offered there for formatting.

  1. Take a look at the panel below for Horizontal Text Tool Choices.
  2. The style of font can be changed.
  3. The font type can also be set or the font size can be changed.
  4. To pick a font color, click the Color dropdown list.
  5. To set the lead, click the Leader drop-down list.
  6. Make the text boldfaced, italicized, or emphasized. You can even choose to tap the text.
  7. Moreover, text can be aligned to the left, center, or right.
  8. To toggle the text orientation, click the first button below. This converts horizontal text, and vice versa, into vertical text. The second button to warp text is clicked.
  9. Set your options, including font, color, and size, on the Tool Options panel. In the options bar, too, you can warp text and create other effects.
  10. Simply hold your mouse down and drag it over the text that appears on your image to format the text. It selects the text.
  11. Apply any formatting you want to the text, then, when finished, press the green check mark

image editting

Text Selection and Moving

Once you add text to an image, you might want to move it to a different location in the image. Your email, remember, is a layer of its own. That said, we’re going to move a layer in order to move the text.

  1. We select the layer in the Layers panel to move a layer, and then click the Move tool in the Tools panel.
  2. Click the tiny little circle in the center of your tea to pass the address.
  3. Move the text box to new location for it.

Build Mask Form

You’ll notice that there is also a Horizontal Type Mask Tool and a Vertical Type Mask Tool if you go to the Text Tool Options panel. These allow a collection to be generated from the document.

To generate a mask type:

  1. Pick the layer you want your selection to appear in. Don’t use a layer for text.
  2. Select either the Mask Tool for Horizontal Type or the Mask Tool for Vertical Type.
  3. From the Tool Options section, pick any additional options.
  4. Specify your text.
  5. The mask form is now shown over the active layer.
  6. To let a background image show through in the text, you can also use the form mask by going to Edit>Cut. As in every other collection of Elements, you can also use a text selection.

Text on the Tool for Shape

You may use the Text on Shape tool to type text into a shape. Select the Text on Shape tool from the Tool Options panel to do this.

  1. Next, from the Tool Options panel, select the shape you want
  2. Drag on the image where you want the shape to be added.
  3. Move your mouse over the shape’s edge after you add the shape, until your cursor turns into an I-beam.
  4. Specify your text.
  5. When you are finished, click the green checkmark button.

Text on Tool of Selection

  1. The Text on Selection tool is located in the Text tool’s preset panel.
  2. You may use the Text on Selection tool to type text for a selection.
  3. Click the Text on Selection tool to type a selection, and then move your mouse over your desired selection.
  4. When you’re done making your list, click on the green checkmark
  5. Now, when you see your cursor turn into an I-beam, pass your mouse over the selected region (the dotted line). Start typing an email. The text flows alongside the collection.

Custom Route Tool Text

In an image, every shape contains a direction. A path is a series of dots which link the picture together. If you ever played a dot connection when you were a kid, then you can imagine just what we’re talking about, having said that, you can type text along a custom route as well.

  1. On the Custom Path tool in the Tool Options window, press Text.
  2. Next, drag your picture down a road. Just like using a pen in a drawing path.
  3. When you’re done drawing the road, click on the green checkmark.
  4. Move your cursor over the path to add text, before your cursor transforms into an I-beam. Start typing your email, then.
  5. When you’re done adding text, press the green check mark again.

Tools to Add Text to an Image

For some reason, you want to do it quickly and conveniently and, ideally, with a free app when you need to add a line of text to your photos.

Here are some of the fastest and simplest free resources I have found to add text to photographs. With them, you can put some words on some of your pictures or photos quickly and easily.

text on image

The Canva

Without a doubt, Canva is an online application for uploading a picture easily and adding a line of text to a photo.

The text editor is simple to use and has a wide variety of fonts. In the sidebar menu, just click Text and type your text and pick the font style.

There are options for formatting text as well as changing line spacing to alter font color and scale. Best of all, it’s a super easy to use picture and text app and free for you. To have fun with Canva, you do not need any technical skills at all.

Swag Word

If you want to learn how to add text to a picture you snapped with your phone, this app will suit you.

With only a few taps on your phone or tablet, the app helps you to add all sorts of text to your pictures.

Best of all, you have an outstanding selection of fonts and concepts to choose from.

Preview of Microsoft Paint (PC) & (macOS)

Paint is installed on all computers running Windows and is so easy to use.

All you have to do is add a text box, change the properties of the font, and that’s it.

It’s just not fancy. But it’s powerful enough for you to easily add simple text.

The Preview software is a bit more refined on Apple computers. But it also includes a text box being inserted.

AddText Inside

AddText is a free software for basic functions online. But there is a premium edition if you want to do more.

Again, it’s just a matter of uploading your picture or image and then inserting your form line and then saving your work using the editing box.

Except for adding some font candy to your picture or image, there are no fancy tools.

But though it has restrictions, you won’t have to learn anything new at all. It makes it very easy to add text to pictures.

Maker’s Meme by ImgFlip

Meme Creator is easy to use. It’s a nice little app for adding text to images or videos. Everything you need to do is get your imagination fired up.

You can choose from a bundle of free models, or you can upload your photos and add some fun to them.

The free edition has a tiny watermark on it. But on social media, that probably won’t affect you or ruin your fun.


For a long time, PicFont has been around.

It is a simple picture text editor, but you can easily resize photos within the editor with one benefit.

In the method, there is a good choice of font files. But at the beginning, the user interface can be a little frustrating.

However, it is not so bad until you get used to which buttons to press. You can use jpeg to import your finished images.

Word and Apple Pages from Microsoft

For authors, the two best applications for adding text to images inside a manuscript for a book or ebook are Word and Pages.

Because before adding them to a book you need to format images, it is easier to keep everything “in-house” and work inside your word processor.

The majority of writers already have one or both of these software packages installed.

When it comes to the addition of text, none of them has anything fancy. But you’ll just want to add a little details or photo credits in most cases.

The only measure you need to take is to make sure that before you upload them into your paper, you reduce the size of your photos.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How can I add text online to an image?

Simple and fast, quick, drag your photo to the app or click Image Selection. Add a text or logo that can be imported from your PC, Google Drive, or Drop box. Enter your text and the settings experiment. However you like, stylize the text.

What app puts pictures with text?

Phonto.  The user-friendly app for adding text to your images, which is available for both Android and iOS, is beautifully crafted. Snap the shot or import a picture into the app, add the text and customize it to your taste. It’s very simple to use.

Can we edit the text of a picture?

Edit the style and content of layers of any kind. To edit text on a type sheet, in the Layers pane, select the type layer, and in the Tools pane, select the Horizontal or Vertical Type tool. Make a change to any of the parameters, such as font or text color, in the options bar.


Learning how to add text to a photo is so simple. For adding text to images or photos, there are hundreds of uses. Some are for purely professional uses, such as publishing blogs or books, while others are just plain fun. All of these can do one or both by adding text to the image applications above. Use quality photo apps like Photoshop or Gimp if you need to combine text with big, high-quality pictures.