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Backwards Text is a special tool of ConvertertoGenerator which is used to flip, reverse, or rotate the text in the backward direction. By using backwards text the last letter is moved in the first position and the first letter in the last position. Same goes for the letters in between.

For example, the word car will be converted into “ rac ”. 

backwards text

Welcome to the ConvertertoGenerator, a platform to provide you a wide range of interesting tools. 

If you want to reverse or flip the text in various font styles, you have come to the right website. With the help of backwards text tool of ConvertertoGenerator you have the feasibility to flip your text.

You can reverse the sentence and then reverse the letters of each word in the sentence in the backward direction.

Another special feature of this generator is that it also conducts character flip in no time. You will love the way this tool works. Without pressing any buttons unlike other tools where you have to wait for page reloading until your output appears. Here you will get your output as soon as you type the input text.

You just have to type in the text field and our quick tool will automatically convert your text in the backward direction.

How to use backwards text tool?

Backwards text is fast, simple, web-based, free and hence an awesome tool! 

Without clicking anywhere and waiting for long period of time to get your desired output, you can reverse, mirror or reverse the text in real time. 

Step 01:

First of all, type in your text which you want to reverse or flip in the text field of backwards text tool.

Step 02:

As soon as you will type the text in input field, backwards text tool will convert or reverse it quickly. It helps you by saving your valuable time.

Advantages of backwards text that will amaze you

Backwards text is a fast, simple, web-based, free, and absolutely awesome tool whose uses will surely amaze you. 

Amazing backwards text

  • Backward text is created by writing in the direction that the reverse is the natural way for a given language. So, the effect is a reversed image of normal writing. It appears to be natural when reflected in the mirror.
  • It is often used as a code that is really primitive.
  • We can quickly publish text even on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. This can be done by keeping a text cap in mind.
  • Some people specially kids can consider it as a game which helps in brainstorming and sharp mindedness.
  • Popular modern use of mirror writing can be seen on the front of the ambulance, where the word “AMBULANCE” is often written in very large mirrored text so that drivers can see the word in their rear-view mirror in the right direction.
  • Mirror writing calligraphy has been common in the Ottoman Empire, where mystical comparisons have often been carried out.

How Reading Backwards helps in exercising our brain?

We all know how necessary it is to exercise our bodies, but what about exercising our minds? Have you ever wondered that how reading words backwards helps our brain?


So, let me tell you this amazing and mesmerizing thing which may surprise you that reading words in a backwards direction keeps your mind busy and improves your reading skills.

As and English reader and author, we are used to reading words or sentences from left to right. How about if you try to read them from right to left, instead which will be helpful to challenge your brain.

How to write backward letters?

Keep your pencil in each hand. At the same time write backwards with the normal handwriting when writing forwards with the opposite hand. Having a mirror on the one hand, the motion of the other hand can enable the brain to coordinate movements.

Seems hard right?

Why to waste time in a technology era where you can just type in your words or sentences in our backward text tool’s input field and in just a blink of the eye your desired output or reversed words will be generated.  Our backwards tool is easy, simple and fastest tool ever to serve you in seconds.

How does backwards text tool works?

As mentioned above our backwards text tool converts the input text in backward or mirror form by writing the last characters of our text first and first characters in the last position.

When you are going to write your text in input field this is what will happen, let us illustrate it ith an example.


Input text: “Convert to Generator uses reverse image search

Output text: “hcraes egami esrever sesu rotareneg ot trevnoC”

Now, if you see, this feature of our tool has reversed the sentence and reversed the letters of each word as well.

Important applications of backwards text tool:

There are several potential uses of the backward text generator, for example it can be used for encoding, ambulance and essential data protection as mentioned earlier. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics of the uses of this tool.

Writing of Ambulance Mirror

backwards text on ambulance

You will probably note when you see an ambulance on the street that the word ‘AMBULANCE’ is pronounced backwards, like ‘ECNALUBMA.’ Do you know or ever thought why?

The key explanation for this is the readability of the terms for drivers when they see an ambulance behind their cars.

The word “Ambulance” is written backwards on the front of the vehicles so that drivers can read the word easily from their rear-view mirrors, particularly in an emergency situation.

Encoding data

In addition to emergency cases and backward writing ambulances, a text inverter may be used for data encoding. Data security has always been a priority for giant businesses since the beginning of the digital age. The tech firms, even the average Internet user, have the privacy that should not be violated at any cost.

Backward text tool can save users from password-stealing by creating strong passwords. Hackers usually guess or use the most common passwords to hack Google, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Therefore, having a strong password will have the chance of not to be steeled, that is why it will be hard for the hackers to guess the reverse text password. You are in safe hands, then!

Sports of fun and knowledge

Children love to play interactive games especially when they are in the age of exploring new words, phrases, and phrases. Backward text is a good idea for your children to learn new vocabulary. For example, the word “words” can be spelled “sword” backwards which will help the children memorize both with no time.

Backward or mirror text in the Past

Mirror writing or reverse writing is not a novel phenomenon. Some notable artists, painters, and calligraphers used it to produce impressive works of art. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Mirror’s writing of calligraphy was common among the Bektashi orders in the Ottoman Empire, where it also had mystical associations. The origins of this mirror writing tradition can be traced back to pre-Islamic times in the western Arab peninsula of rock inscriptions.

Critical Thinking and Brainstorming

You will come to understand some of the prejudices and myths of the present as you read backwards. You will develop a clearer understanding of what is universal and what is subjective, what is necessary and what is arbitrary.

Mirror text

 A Mirror text essentially refers to a flipped text or the type of text which can be flipped from one hand to the other, or flipped upside down, depending on how you want it to be. This is a form of very interesting writing styles used these days.

Mirror text

Many of you thought you would use a form of text generator that just works to render it straight. But a new form of invention has arrived that will give you a whole new side of writing texts, messages, and fonts by turning it into a backward text and then up siding it down.

This is a form of translator that first reverses the position of the particular characters and then adjusts the Unicode to give you the best version of it.

At present, there are not many forms of mirror character generators available or left with numbers of characters, although there is a chance of vaguely related usage in gaps. These mirror words will encourage you to use them for a variety of purposes.

This is a significant fun and charming content generator. Through this content scrambler, you will have the opportunity to make acceptable textual types and change them into all the more useful for others to panic.

Which tool is used for mirror text?

Our upside-down text tool may help you to produce mirror text. It is specially made to turn over any written messages or letters into presence material. A portion of the general public does not understand and that makes the text mimic your own particular way of consolidating and sending it to everyone you like.

This one is so utterly different and extraordinary to catch an eye that always likes to use to confront various other social networks. In addition, you will be able to write notes in a dialect that no one but only you will understand and decipher.

How to read backwards?

There are many interesting ways in which you can read words or sentences backwards and exercise your skilful brain. Some of these interesting methods are explained below:

Reading words from left to right

  1. Write down a short sentence on a piece of paper. Usually, it helps you start with shorter, simpler words and work your way to a longer sentence. Two or three terms would suffice.
  2. Please rewrite the term backwards. Start with the last letter of the last word and finish with the first letter of the first word. Leave the gaps between the words as you usually would. Practice writing the expression a few times; it will encourage the brain to recognise the right-to-left movement.
  3. Practice reading the word please. Begin with the letter on the right and work to the left, the opposite of how you normally read. Identify each letter individually and try to sound it as you go. Over time, your brain will begin to understand the form of the word, and you will no longer have to sound it out.

Using your Visualization power

Visualize your mind with a phrase. It can be any word, but it’s simpler to start with shorter two to four letters words. Write the word in your head like you would on a piece of paper, drawing each letter.

Flip the word mentally from the right to the left.

As you transition to longer terms, it may help to mentally write each letter one at a time starting with the last letter, instead of trying to flip the whole word. As you gain confidence, it’s going to be easier to flip an entire word.

Reading the text of the mirror image

Keep the text back to the mirror. If you are trying to decode the text that was written back in the mirror image. There is a simple way to make it readable. The mirror image of the text, or the image of the text you see in the mirror, would appear as though it was written normally.

Writing a mirror image is distinct from writing backwards right to left. In the writing of the mirror image, each letter appears backwards, but the letters are still in left to right order. You can see the effect if you keep the normal text to the mirror.

Practice as much as you can

Since this is a mental exercise, you can see every word backwards. Next time you are stuck in traffic, standing in line at a grocery store, or waiting for a friend at a restaurant. Pick a word wherever you see and practise flipping it in your head. Choose a random sentence from a book and practise reading it backwards.

If the sentence in the book is difficult to separate, rewrite the sentence on a sheet of paper. Then rewrite the sentence from right to left.

It could help at least initially, to use your finger under every word to help your eyes keep track of where you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say ‘world’ backwards?

In the backwards text tool World is called “dlrow” . You can confirm it by typing the word “World” in backward text tool above.

How do you type a backwards C?

You have to go to the upside-down-text webpage of our site and type C in the input box and it will automatically change backwards or upside-down. After changing C backwards, it will look like this:

“ c ”.

Why do someone want to know how to read or write backwards?

Wanting to read backwards or be able to read backwards is simply just something our minds can do. Sometimes we do not really know what they are doing.

In terms of utility, it might be helpful to read documents owned by another group. Documents which are not in the right direction, where you need to see what they are reading or writing without asking for a paper. Or it is just a lot of fun, something interesting to know how to do.

Can everyone read backwards?

Much of the people can read backwards. It’s all about taking induvial letters and shaping them in your head. If you can make them the right way, you can read the word.

How do you turn the 50 backwards?

It is a very simple term, visit “Converttogenerator.com/backwards-text/”. Type some text in the input text box for example 50.

It will automatically change backwards the input backwards. After changing 50 backwards the output will look like this: “ 05 ”.

What is an upside-down V called?

An upside-down V is called caret and is written just like alphabet A without the middle line.

How do I turn text upside down?

Go to the “converttogenerator.com/upside-down-text/” website. Type some text in the input field box and the tool will automatically change it into upside down.

Does a mirror convert backward text into forward and forward text into backward?

Yes, it is true. A mirror shows or reflects stuff such as text or anything backwards. If something is already written backwards, it will appear to be written forward and vice versa.

Some interesting Tips of advicebackwards text tips

If you know a lot of words backwards, test your friends and family to practise it. It will help improve your vocabulary and your English.

Try to practice writing something backwards and leave it to someone to get mistaken. The goal is just to have fun or for your self-practice activity.

Some of the words called palindromes are read the same backwards and forwards. The words “EYE, LEVEL, MOM, MADAM, RACECAR” are some of the examples.

Practice learning these words for better vocabulary. You can even challenge your kids and ask them to verify which words are palindromes and which are not palindromes.

Try reading in a mirror and reading upside down as well. Both practises are good practise for reversing the order of letters. Reading a word from a piece of paper by holding it up to the light is the same thing as holding it up to the mirror.