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We’re going to go through the Hex to ASCII converter in this short article. The Hex format can be used to write down very large integer values in a compact form in a typical use scenario. AD45, for example, is shorter than its 44357 decimal counterpart, and the difference in length becomes much more pronounced as values rise.

HEX to ASCII Converter

Conversion from Hex to ASCII

The ASCII Numbering Scheme is an interlink between the hardware of the system and the user’s computer screen. For computers, it is regarded as a common language. It is the American Uniform Code for Information Interchange composition. You may configure and encrypt the words of a text in the form of certain codes.

In the English language, the 128 characters present are coded as numbers. A number ranging from 0 to 127 is assigned to each character. These codes are preferred in order to allow data transfer from one computer to another computer. The name indicates that there is a mixture of alphabets and numbers in these codes. In general, these types of codes are preferred for the transmission of data.

Numbering System – ASCII

One of the formats for representing numbers in the form of characters is this Numbering Scheme. The ‘American Uniform Code for Information Interchange is abbreviated as. This is the basic code for which the characters have a particular set of notations. In computers where text files are used, this method of coding is commonly favored.

This format is favored by operating systems like ‘UNIX & DOS’. Usually, these codes are constructed for the roots of telegraphic codes.

Numbering System – Hexadecimal

This numbering scheme is equivalent to other basic systems, including binary, octal, and decimal systems. This is also known as data coding. But it is a language that is user-friendly. In terms of storing large units of information, it is very efficient. The conversion is also rendered simpler with the aid of the conversion table. It is known as the method of ‘foundation 16’.

Converter Hex to ASCII and Examples

Converting the encoded value into the original format is equally necessary. Hex-to-ASCII converters are equally relevant for this purpose. Some steps are accompanied by the conversion of HEX into ASCII.

  1. Next, divide the hex values into two-digit groups each.
  2. These are cast after this classification in terms of the character accompanied by such codes.
  3. These are essentially coded in terms of codes given in ASCII.

The HEX values can be easily translated into ASCII codes by using the above steps and some code lines.

Let us address these examples on the basis of standard conversion values.

Convert hexadecimal 73612423 values into ASCII values

The hexadecimal value of 73 can be written in ASCII format as ‘s’. Similarly, it is possible to code 61 as ‘a. While it’s possible to encode 24 and 23 as $, #. 73612423 in hex can finally be encoded as sa$##

Convert Hex to ASCII 656667 values

Conversion can be made feasible by grouping the digits into two.

65 as E, 66 as F, 67 as G

Thus, these are encoded in ASCII terminology as EFG.

Table for Hex to ASCII text conversion



00 NUL
01 SOH
02 STX
03 ETX
04 EOT
05 ENQ
06 ACK
07 BEL
08 BS
09 HT
10 DLE
11 DC1
12 DC2
13 DC3
14 DC4
15 NAK
16 SYN
17 ETB
18 CAN
19 EM

hex to ascii conversion in coding

Hex to Format ASCII

Similarly, in three stages, let’s do a Hex to ASCII format conversion:

  1. In 2 char groups, cut the Hex value
  2. Use Integer.parseInt (hex, 16) to convert it to base 16 Integer and to cast to char.
  3. In a String Builder, append all chars

Best Tools for Free HEX to ASCII Converter

Here is a compilation of the best free applications to convert HEX to ASCII for Windows. You can easily convert HEX or hexadecimal codes to ASCII codes through this program. You can convert large HEX codes to ASCII codes with most of these programs. Some software, however, is still available that can only convert small HEX codes to ASCII format.


For Windows, Notepad++ is a free open-source HEX to ASCII converter program. You may also use it to modify codes from various programming languages, other than HEX code conversion, such as C++, C#, JAVA, DotNet, Python, etc. It provides different code editing tools for editing codes, which you can also use to edit HEX codes.

How to use Notepad++ to convert HEX to ASCII:

  1. Launch Notepad++ and press the Open button to load a HEX code text file on it. You can also directly copy and paste the HEX code into its editor.
  2. Next, if you want to edit the input HEX code before beginning the conversion, use the available code editing tools.
  3. After that, go to the Plugins > Converter menu and choose Hex -> ASCII to show the converted ASCII code on your interface.
  4. Finally, to save the output ASCII code in TXT, CS, BAS, LEX, etc. formats, use the Save As option.

Supplementary features:

ASCII-> HEX: Helps you to transform ASCII code into HEX format code.

MD5 and SHA-256: This allows you to create hex codes based on MD5 and SHA-256 for text data that you can use to verify text integrity.

Encoding: You can change a file’s default encoding format to other common encoding formats by using it (UTF-8, ANSI, UTF-8 BOM, etc.).

ASCII characters

XL- Tools

Another free, open-source HEX to ASCII converter software for Windows is XL-Tools. It is a program rich in features that provides multiple modules to perform various categories of tasks such as sorting, ordering, conversion, etc. You get several tools in each of its modules to perform a particular conversion process, order task, sorting task, etc.

How to convert HEX using XL-Tools to ASCII:

  1. Launch and open the Conversion mode of this program.
  2. After that, from its conversion tools menu, pick the HEX to ASCII conversion function.
  3. Now, in the List 1 segment, enter the HEX code.
  4. Finally, to launch the HEX to ASCII conversion, click the Process button. You can display the output ASCII code on its interface once the conversion process is completed.

Supplementary Modules:

Lists: You can perform operations such as string replacement, counting characters, counting objects, etc. by using the resources in this module.

Sorting: It provides tools to sort files based on their numerical order, length of strings, alphabetical order, date, etc.

Conversion: You can perform various conversions using the resources in this module, such as Base64 to ASCII, ASCII to Base64, Hex to Base10, and more.

Time: It is a convenient module that provides tools from which the time between two given dates, time difference, etc. can be found easily.

Utils: This module helps you to perform tasks such as converting IP Set to CIDR, IP to ARPA, GeoIP Resolve, etc.

Assistant Keygen

One free HEX to ASCII converter app for Windows is Keygener Assistant. Basically, this app is a software suite in which you can find different modules to accomplish various tasks. You can use its Conversion module to perform the HEX to ASCII conversion process.

How to use the Keygen Assistant to convert HEX to ASCII:

  1. Start this program and go to the Conversion > Formats tab.
  2. Copy and paste the HEX code to its HEX field after that.
  3. You can access the resulting ASCII code in the ASCII sector immediately after entering the HEX code. The output ASCII result can be copied to the clipboard.

Supplementary features:

Scanning: You can find hash and crypto files or data in a folder using this function.

Bases Converter: Base value conversions such as Base 10 to Base 64, Base 32 to Base 256, etc. can be done with its support.

Encryption: Enables you to encrypt data and text using different algorithms for data encryption, such as SHA-256, MD5, SHA-1, etc.


For Windows, Hex2Ascii is a free portable converter program. As it does not require installation to function, this portable program can be used directly from a portable storage unit. Using this converter, you can also convert HEX code inputs to binary and ASCII codes. Plus, this program can convert both Binary and ASCII codes to HEX codes.

How to convert HEX using Hex2Ascii to ASCII:

  1. Open the user interface and press the Hex bullet button in the Input field and the ASCII bullet button in the Output field.
  2. Next, type in or copy the HEX code into its input field and paste the HEX code into its input field.
  3. The HEX to ASCII conversion process will start as soon as you enter the HEX code, and you can display the ASCII output code.

HEX Write

For Windows, HEXwrite is the next free converter program. It is another program that is lightweight and does not burden the machine. This software’s interface is also spotless and can be easily used by anyone. You get two modes in this program. You can easily convert HEX code to ASCII code formats by using HEX to ASCII mode.

How to use HEXwrite to convert HEX to ASCII:

  1. Start this program and go to the software’s Mode tab.
  2. After that, pick the ASCII mode for HEX.
  3. Then, enter the HEX code in this software’s lower field to immediately get the corresponding ASCII output code in the upper field.
  4. By pressing the Copy ASCII button, you can copy the output ASCII code.


This program can only convert up to 30 characters of HEX code to ASCII format code.

HEX Converter

Another free HEX to ASCII Converter for Windows applications is Hex Converter. This program can convert HEX code to the format of ASCII code easily. However, unlike other related applications, it does not handle broad HEX codes as input. Even, it is as powerful as any other HEX to ASCII converter for tiny input HEX code.

How to use the Hex Converter:

  1. Start this program and pick the bullet button for Hex Decimal.
  2. After that, in the Hex Decimal sector, enter the HEX code.
  3. Finally, to get the output ASCII code in the ASCII region, click on the Calculate button.


This program freezes when attempting to convert a big HEX code to an ASCII format.


One free HEX to ASCII converter program for Windows is Ascii/Hex. This program is, like some other related software, also capable of converting ASCII to HEX. You get two modes in this program, namely ASCII and HEX. You need to choose HEX mode to convert HEX to ASCII. Choose the ASCII mode if you want to convert ASCII to HEX.

How to convert HEX to ASCII using this converter program:

  1. Open this converter’s GUI and pick Hex mode.
  2. After that, from its Font portion, select a particular font for the output ASCII text.
  3. First, enter the input HEX code in this software’s Hex area.
  4. In the end, click the Process button to start the conversion process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Convert to text from Hex?

  1. Get Hex Byte Code for Code
  2. Convert hex bytes into decimal bytes
  3. Get Decimal ASCII Code Characters from the ASCII table
  4. Continue with the next byte of hex

How do I use the ASCII Text to Hex converter?

  1. Paste in the input text box with hex byte codes.
  2. Select the encoding type of a character.
  3. Click the button for Convert.

How to convert the hex to text with 30?

Using Table ASCII:

30 = 3×16^1+0x16^0 = 48 = character ‘0’.


I hope the examples and methods above give an idea of converting the HEX to ASCII and vice versa. One conversion table is preferred for code conversion from one type to another as the alphanumeric codes are standardized.